Ear Microsuction and Hearing Aids



People who are using hearing aids might notice the following symptoms which could indicate that their ears need a bit more attention from their audiologist or doctor:

  • soreness
  • redness
  • dryness of skin in ear canals and flakiness
  • swelling of skin or discharge from ears
  • sudden ear blockage feeling

Some of these symptoms could pass in a day or two, but if they become worse rapidly over a couple of days or if they do not seem to improve after a week, an audiologist or doctor checkup will be needed.

A GP with special interest in Ear Microsuction could offer a one stop clinic for the examination of your ears, diagnosis of your ear condition, prescription of necessary treatment, general advice and ear microsuction, all provided in one consultation. This is exactly what we are offering at Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford every Tuesday afternoon since 1st October 2019. In some cases an ear swab will be needed in order to establish the type of bacteria or fungus which is causing the suspected infection. This could be done at your own NHS GP at no cost to yourself or in our clinic at extra cost.

If your NHS hearing aids were provided at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Braintree Community Hospital or St Peter’s Hospital in Maldon within the last 5 years, you might be able to self-refer for NHS reassessment. Please contact the NHS Audiology Department on 01245 513237 to check if you are accepted for NHS self-referral. You could also use the same telephone number if you need repairs or replacement of your NHS hearing aids. For NHS hearing aids provided in the private audiology sector, please contact your private audiologist, or, if you wish to replace your private hearing aids with NHS ones, you will have to contact your NHS GP for a referral to the local NHS Audiology department.


To book a Private appointment with Dr Mihaela Carmaciu, DLO at Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford, please call 01245 801234 or send an email to bookings@phoenixhospitalchelmsford.com

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