Patient Information

Private patients

Please contact us  to book your appointment or call 01245 253 760.

Paying for your private appointment

The fee for a private appointment is £80. You may pay before or after your appointment by clicking on the button below. (We also accept cash, card or cheque)Buy Now Button

NHS patients

If you are a patient registered with a GP practice in NHS Mid Essex and your GP agrees that you are eligible for ear microsuction, your GP can refer you for ear microsuction under the NHS.

You can print off the NHS Mid Essex referral form to take and discuss with your GP. Contact us and we can e-mail it to you.

If you do not qualify for NHS funding as decided by the local NHS restriction policy or if you wish to be seen quicker, you can still have ear micro-suction done privately by contacting us directly and booking your appointment.

Contact us directly