GDPR information

What data do we collect?

We handle minimum patient data: name, date of birth, NHS number, GP practice.

Why do we collect patient data and how do we use it?

 We use the patient data for the sole purpose of offering ear microsuction services to patients who need this service. Once we edit your NHS clinical notes, we will send the report back to your referring GP.

Sharing your personal data: 

  • With your referring GP
  • With ENT if needed
  • With NHS Central Referral Service if needed
  • With NHS Audiology, if needed
  • With any law or public authority which can legally enforce this
  • With a buyer of the company, if this is stated in an agreement (we will announce publicly if this happens)

Patients’ rights and choices regarding their personal data at CMUK

  • Right of confirmation and access to stored data
  • Right to Rectification and Erasure
  • Right to object/restrict the data stored
  • Right to data portability/transfer to another data controller

How to complain about our use of patient data