Can earwax removal cause infections?

If you’re interested in undergoing earwax removal but are wondering if earwax removal can cause infections, allow Ear Wax Care to ease your worries. In short, when earwax removal is performed by a qualified professional, the process does not typically cause infections.


It is important to note that there is a slight risk of infection associated with earwax removal procedures, especially if safety precautions are not taken into consideration. Keep on reading to learn about what factors to watch out for:


Damage to the Ear Canal: Using makeshift tools and employing abrasive techniques can damage the delicate infrastructure in the ear and cause trauma to the delicate skin, thus creating space for bacteria to form, increasing the risk of infection.


Moisture in the Ear Canal: Ear wax removal methods such as water irrigation can result in an excess of water in the ear canal. This can create an environment for bacteria to grow, potentially resulting in an infection.


Introduction of Bacteria: When the earwax removal procedure is taking place, harmful bacteria can be introduced into the ear canal. This is more likely to happen when using unhygienic tools.


Pre-existing Conditions: Individuals who suffer from a history of ear infections may be more likely to develop an infection through ear wax removal.


To minimise the chances of an ear infection developing, earwax removal must be performed by a skilled professional. Here at Ear Wax Care, our skilled team of NHS-trained specialists has years of experience in earwax removal. Our micro-suction tool is the safest and most efficient earwax removal service; you couldn’t be in better hands.


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