Earwax Removal Aftercare Tips You Need to Know

Undergoing professional earwax removal leaves you with clean, healthy ears, so it is important to take steps to ensure you can prolong this optimal state. Keep on reading to learn about earwax removal aftercare tips you need to know.

Keep Ears Dry: Keeping ears dry reduces the risk of infection. It is best to avoid activities where you immerse your ears in water such as swimming. If you are unable to avoid such activities, we advise using earplugs to decrease the chance of water entering the ear canal.

Don’t Insert Objects: We advise against inserting objects such as cotton swabs into your ears. Doing so can reduce the risk of injury and reduce the risk of earwax being pushed deeper into the ear canal.

Monitor for Infection: It is important that you stay vigilant after earwax removal for signs of infection. If you suffer from swelling, redness, or discharge, we recommend contacting a healthcare professional.

Follow The Advice: When undergoing professional earwax removal with Ear Wax Care, we also provide an ear health check that allows us to deliver expert advice. We highly recommend following this advice to ensure your ears stay healthy and protected.

Attend Regular Appointments: Getting professional earwax removal done regularly can help to keep your ears in their best shape and can also help to identify and resolve potential issues before they get worse.

Following these handy aftercare tips can help to prolong the amazing results of professional earwax removal. Need to book another appointment? Contact our friendly team of experts at Ear Wax Care today.

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