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At Earwaxcare we specialise in:

  • Removal of wax and foreign bodies
  • Treatment of acute or chronic infections of the ear canal
  • De-waxing of children’s ears (cooperative children above 4 years of age)
  • Regular cleaning of mastoid cavities

We are proud to offer:

  • NHS and private ear microsuction in Essex since 2009
  • Experienced clinician led service for adults and children
  • With minimum to no waiting list!

Click for more information about ear microsuction and clinic times & prices.

Paying for your private appointment

The fee for a private appointment is £80. You may pay before or after your appointment by clicking on the button below. (We also accept cash or cheque)Buy Now Button

“Couldn’t believe what a difference Dr Carmaciu made to my grandfather’s hearing.  Just fantastic!  Not only that but her friendly manner really put him at ease.  Highly recommended!”

“Just fantastic!”

“Dr Carmaciu is a very good doctor.  She listens to me and tries to help. I would be happy to see her again.”

“She listens to me…”