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At Earwaxcare we specialise in:

  • Removal of wax and foreign bodies
  • Treatment of acute or chronic infections of the ear canal
  • De-waxing of children’s ears (cooperative children above 4 years of age)
  • Regular cleaning of mastoid cavities

We are proud to offer:

  • NHS and private ear microsuction in Essex since 2009
  • Experienced clinician led service for adults and children
  • With minimum to no waiting list!

Click for more information about ear microsuction and clinic times & prices.

Paying for your private appointment

The fee for a private appointment is £80. You may pay before or after your appointment by clicking on the button below. (We also accept cash or cheque)Buy Now Button

“I expect to be seeing her again, which demonstrates that I have complete confidence in her.”

“I have complete confidence…”

“Just to say how much our surgery appreciates the service you are offering.  We have referred a few of our patients and, universally, they have been very complimentary and appreciative of your care.”

“…appreciative of your care.”