Are there any natural ingredients that soften earwax?

Suffering from impacted earwax can result in you experiencing several symptoms such as earache, hearing loss, vertigo, and a feeling of fullness in the ear. Using methods that soft earwax can allow the earwax to naturally migrate out of the ear canal, in turn, decreasing uncomfortable symptoms. If you are wondering about whether there are any natural ingredients that soften earwax, we’ve got you covered. Here are some common natural remedies:

Olive Oil: Natural remedies such as dropping olive oil into the ear canal and leaving it to sit for a few minutes can prove to be a safe method of earwax removal. The olive oil helps to soften the earwax, allowing for some of it to move out of the ear canal.

Warm Water: Gently flushing out the ear canal with a syringe filled with lukewarm water can help to dislodge earwax. It is imperative that body-temperature water is used to avoid discomfort and injury to the inner ear.

Glycerin: Applying a few drops of warm glycerine into the ear canal and letting it sit for a couple of minutes can help soften the earwax and promote its migration out of the ear canal.

While natural remedies can appear to be a safe and cost-effective solution to removing impacted earwax, they are not the most effective. If you are suffering from impacted earwax, professional earwax removal can help to effectively elevate problems efficiently. Using micro-suction earwax – the gold standard of earwax – our NHS-trained audiologist can help to effectively remove impacted earwax leaving you with clean and healthy ears. Contact our friendly team today to book an at-home or in-clinic appointment.

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