Can allergies contribute to ear wax build-up?

If you notice earwax in your ear, it isn’t usually anything to worry about. This naturally occurring substance is found in all ears, however, a build-up of earwax can harm your health.

It is advisable to avoid engaging in activities that can cause earwax buildup, however, some factors that increase earwax are harder to avoid, such as allergies. While allergies do not directly cause earwax buildup, they can contribute to situations that may impact it. Keep on reading to learn more:

Itchiness: Allergies can cause itching in the ears and individuals may find themselves opting to use objects such as cotton swabs to relieve the itch. More often than not, this procedure can put impacted earwax deeper into the ear canal, exacerbating issues and making it harder for the earwax blockage to be removed.

Congestion: Inflammation and congestion in the Eustachian tubes are commonly associated with allergies – These tubes connect the ears to the back of the throat. This congestion can disrupt the natural movement of earwax, resulting in an increased likelihood of earwax buildup.

Mucus: Allergies can often increase mucus production, causing the Eustachian tubes to become congested, impacting the normal migration of earwax out of the ear canal, and leading to buildup.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of an earwax blockage, contact Ear Wax Care today and book in for the gold standard of ear wax removal. Micro-suction ear wax removal is a safe and effective way of removing impacted earwax, ensuring your ears return to their optimal state in no time.

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