Can earwax removal help with ear infections?

Professional earwax has many great benefits, so if you are wondering whether or not earwax removal can help with ear infections, keep on reading!

Depending on the type and cause of the infection, earwax removal can sometimes help to soothe symptoms. Here are some ways in which the removal can have an impact:

Enhances Treatment: Earwax removal procedures clear the ear canals and remove impacted wax. This process allows treatments such as ear drops and antibiotics to reach the infection in a more effective way, in turn, helping to minimise symptoms.

Prevents Further Complications: Undergoing an earwax removal procedure can help to prevent additional complications from arising. Ignoring impacted wax can lead to issues such as secondary bacterial infections and can also make ongoing infections worse. By removing the earwax blockage, the risk of the infection getting worse may be reduced.

Improves Drainage: If an individual is suffering from impacted earwax, removing the blockage can improve the ear’s natural drainage process and enhance ventilation, which can help minimise some symptoms of an ear infection.

While earwax removal may help with some ear infections, it is important to note that the procedure does not guarantee to help all types of infections. If you are experiencing symptoms of earwax infections such as earache, discharge, hearing loss, or a fever, we recommend speaking with a healthcare professional immediately. They will be able to discuss your options with you and can advise on whether or not earwax removal is needed.

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