Can excessive ear cleaning lead to more wax production?

In short, yes; excessive ear cleaning can sometimes lead to an increase in wax production. Regularly cleaning your ears is a great step you can take to maintain optimal ear health, however, cleaning ears excessively can lead to undesirable outcomes.

Here at Ear Wax Care, we understand the desire for clean ears and we are here to tell you that you can maintain clean ears without compromising on your ear health. Keep on reading to learn about how excessive ear cleaning can lead to more wax production and the steps you can take to avoid this. 

Self-Cleaning Mechanism

An important fact to note is that the ear has a natural self-cleaning mechanism which encourages wax to move out of the ear canal towards the opening of the ear. Natural daily movements of the jaw put this mechanism into motion and excessive cleaning can disrupt this, promoting an excess in wax production.

DIY Cleaning Methods

Resorting to DIY methods to clean the ears can seem like a cost-effective option, however, these methods often do more harm than good. Attempting to clean ears with objects such as cotton swabs can push the wax further into the ear canal, potentially causing a blockage. Due to the perceived impacted earwax, the ears can react by producing excess earwax, resulting in the need for more cleaning.

To avoid an excess of earwax production, it is best to avoid cleaning your ears at home. Undergoing professional earwax removal is a much more effective method to opt for. If you experience the symptoms of impacted earwax, contact Ear Wax Care and allow our NHS-trained professionals to remove this blockage effectively.

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