How does the ear wax removal process work for individuals with sensitive ears?

Professional earwax removal has a variety of benefits and at Ear Wax Care, we encourage all individuals to experience the benefits for themselves. If you have sensitive ears and are wondering if the earwax removal process is a safe option for you, you’re in the right place!

When undergoing earwax removal in a professional setting, many measures are put into place to accommodate sensitive ears. Here is what to expect:

Open Communication: Our friendly and approachable NHS-trained audiologists create a welcoming space for our clients to communicate any discomfort or concerns. The clinician will adjust techniques where needed and take breaks if required.

Gentle Approach: For those with sensitive ears, a more gentle approach is employed. Making adjustments such as adopting slower movements whilst lowering the suction level during micro-suction earwax removal can help create a more pleasant experience.

Client Positioning: The audiologist will take extra care to position those with sensitive ears in an optimal position. Lying on one side and using cushions can help support the neck and ears, resulting in a more comfortable experience.

Post-procedure Care: Micro-suction earwax removal often requires no downtime, allowing you to resume daily activities immediately after the appointment. For those with sensitive ears, our ear care professionals will provide advice on extra measures you can take to reduce sensitivity, putting your mind at ease.

If you have sensitive ears and are wanting to get professional earwax removal done, look no further. Rest assured that our NHS-trained audiologists have been serving communities since 2014 and possess a wealth of experience between them; you couldn’t be in better hands.

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