How Often Should One Undergo Professional Earwax Removal?

Undergoing professional earwax removal is a great way to combat symptoms of an earwax blockage as well as help to prevent future complications from arising. Regular visits to an ear healthcare specialist are highly advised to keep your ears in optimal shape but how often should one undergo professional earwax removal? 

The frequency of undergoing professional earwax removal differs from person to person and is based on many individual factors such as the amount of earwax production, ear anatomy, and personal health. It is not necessary for everyone to undergo regular removal; however, ears benefit from doing so. 

Certain individuals may require more frequent earwax removal due to factors such as:

Excessive Earwax Production: Some ears naturally produce excessive earwax, resulting in a higher likelihood of blockage.

Hearing Aid Users: Earwax can often accumulate around hearing aids, so it is advised for users to have regular removal.

Narrow Ear Canals: Those with narrow ear canals are sometimes more prone to earwax blockages, so the need for removal may be more frequent.

Frequent Earwax Impaction: A person with a history of recurrent earwax impaction may need regular earwax removal to prevent future complications.

It is highly advised not to attempt traditional methods of earwax removal such as using cotton swabs as the buildup of wax can be pushed further into the ear canal causing further complications. At Ear Wax Removal, we provide a safe, quick, and efficient method for removing excess earwax. Micro-suction ear wax removal is safe enough for regular use and is a fantastic way to keep your ears happy and healthy.

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