How To Clean Your Hearing Aids From Ear Wax

Keeping your hearing aids clean and free of earwax will help your hearing aids last longer and they should be cleaned daily. There are several things you can do at home to keep your hearing aids clean.

If your hearing aids have become dirty, wipe the outsides of it down with an alcohol wipe, which will both clean the dirt and kill any bacteria. You can use a hearing aid brush, which is a small, soft brush that is used to clean the end of the device. This can be purchased at your local chemist or hearing clinic. You can even choose to use a clean toothbrush with soft bristles instead, which can have the same effect. 

If your audiologist has shown you how, you can clean or replace wax filters yourself. If your hearing aid is the type that goes behind your ear, it will either have a clear tube or wire to connect the hearing aid to your ear canal. This can also be removed and cleaned or replaced if necessary.

If your hearing aids have a mould which fit into your ear, this mould may have a hole in it which is an air vent. This vent allows for airflow into your ear and can often build up with earwax. You can remove the built-up wax with a hearing aid cleaning tool or a small pick.

If you have any trouble cleaning your hearing aids or need to know how to change the wax filters, you should book an appointment with your audiologist and they’ll be happy to help.

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