Is ear wax removal safe for Children?

You may have heard about the incredible benefits of removing excess earwax, but is earwax removal safe for children? When the process is carried out by a trained professional using safe methods, the process can be safe for children. Due to possessing smaller ear canals, children may be more likely to suffer with implications of excess earwax. It is imperative that children’s earwax removal is approached with care and expertise.

Professional Guidance

Consulting with a trained audiologist is a crucial step that must be taken before removing earwax from a child’s ear. At Ear Wax Care, our NHS-trained audiologist can provide a free ear health check to determine the best course of action.

Things To Avoid

We highly advise not to administer traditional methods of earwax removal such as using cotton swabs or any other DIY methods as the buildup of wax can be pushed further into the ear canal causing further complications.

Safe Techniques

Micro-suctionearwax removal is considered the gold-standard of earwax removal due to the process being incredibly safe, quick, and effective. When micro-suction is performed by a skilled audiologist, the process can deliver great results.

Ear Health

Be sure to regularly monitor children’s ears for signs of earwax buildup. If you suspect a problem, contact a professional immediately.

Earwax removal can be exceptionally safe for children as long as the necessary precautions are taken. We advise to only obtain advice about ear health from an appropriate healthcare provider. Book an appointment today and help your child take care of their effectively ears.

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