What are the signs that I need ear wax removal?

Earwax is an essential component that our bodies produce to keep us safe, however, an excess amount of earwax can impact your ear health in a negative way leading to various complications. Keep on reading to find out about the key signs that may indicate that you need professional earwax removal:

Hearing Loss: Hearing clarity decreasing slowly overtime, or a sudden onset of hearing loss is something to be wary of as this may indicate an excess of earwax. The earwax can distrust the transitions of sound waves through the ear canal.

Earache: Ongoing discomfort or pain in the ears may be a sign of a blockage of earwax. The blockage can cause pressure resulting in earache.

Dizziness: The vestibular system can be affected by impacted earwax, causing feelings of dizziness and vertigo.

Tinnitus: Ringing/buzzing/humming sounds in the ears – otherwise known as tinnitus – are sometimes linked with excessive earwax. The removal of the wax can often alleviate symptoms.

Ear Fullness: Feeling sensations of a blockage or ear fullness are clear indicators of a buildup of earwax. This sensation can often be accompanied by a feeling of pressure in the ear.

Itchiness and Discharge: Feelings of irritation, itching, or even oozing discharge can be caused by excess earwax.

If you feel impacted by any of these signs, contact Ear Wax Care today and book an appointment for the gold standard of earwax removal – micro-suction earwax removal. Our safe and effective service will help you achieve optimal ear health.

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