What does brown earwax mean?

When it comes to earwax, it can be difficult to know what is normal, what factors of the wax are determined by genetics, and when something is a cause for concern. So, what exactly could it mean if you have brown earwax, and can or should you do something about it?

If you find that you have brown earwax, this may be a sign that the earwax is oxidised. In other words, the earwax has just been in your ear for too long. The earwax turns brown-black as it has been coloured over time by the dirt and bacteria which has become trapped in it. You will tend to find darker, harder earwax in adults. There is no reason to panic though, some people are simply more prone to overproducing earwax, and it just means that they just need to clean their ears frequently to avoid this issue.

It is important to remember though, that if you find yourself experiencing brown, dark earwax, that you should not attempt to clean it yourself using a foreign object such as a cotton earbud or your fingers. Doing so will simply push the wax deeper to your ear and cause a build-up, leading to further complications. You can use an at-home method of olive oil, or alternatively get in touch with us at Ear Wax Care, and one of our NHS-trained audiologists can use micro suction to remove the wax. Contact us today at Ear Wax Care to find out how we can help.

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