What is the role of ear wax in maintaining ear health?

Earwax plays a crucial role in ensuring ear health is optimal through its protective properties. Otherwise known as cerumen, earwax is present in every individual’s ears and helps to keep our ears safe. If you are wondering about what role earwax plays in maintaining ear health, keep on reading to learn more:

Assisting Cleaning: The ears possess a self-cleaning mechanism which works in combination with the movement of the jaw and earwax to push accumulated earwax out of the ear canal, helping to maintain a healthy level of earwax.

Trapping Dust and Debris: An important function of earwax is to prevent dust and debris from entering the ear canal. The texture traps dirt and prevents it from causing damage to the inner ear.

Lubricating the Ear Canal: earwax helps to moisturise the ear canal, helping to prevent dryness of the delicate skin that lines the ear canal.

As mentioned, earwax plays a pivotal role in maintaining ear health by assisting self-cleaning, trapping dust and debris, protecting the eardrum, and lubricating the ear canal. Earwax is often not a cause for concern, but excessive earwax should always be seen by a professional. A build-up of earwax can lead to several symptoms such as earache, tinnitus, hearing loss, and vertigo.

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