Why do I hear my earwax moving?

If you’ve ever experienced unusual sensations or sounds in your ears, then you are not alone. You may have heard buzzing sounds, hissing, or even ringing sounds in your ears. Another sound you may have also heard is a crackling or popping in your ears, quite like the sound a bowl of Rice Krispies after you’ve just poured milk over them.

There are several different reasons as to why you would hear crackling in your ears. Some health conditions can cause these kinds of symptoms and should always be checked with a health professional to rule out any serious problems.

One of the most common causes of cracking in your ears is Earwax moving around. Earwax helps to keep our ear canal lubricated and protects our ears from infections. Earwax typically drops out of your ears naturally, through jaw movements. However, it can sometimes get stuck in your ear canal and cause a blockage. This can happen if you push the earwax deeper into your ears with long object such as a cotton buds.

Sometimes, your ears may make more earwax than needed, and can also end up causing a build-up. The common symptoms of earwax build-up can include crackling or popping sounds in your ear as well as, ears feeling full, pain or discomfort, itching and even hearing loss.

If you notice any unusual sounds in your ears, don’t be tempted to poke anything into them as this can often worsen the symptoms. Contact your doctor or audiologist as soon as possible to get it checked.

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