Why is my earwax white?

Earwax is a naturally produced substance inside your ear which is usually light or slightly yellow in colour. Earwax helps keep a person’s ears healthy and clean and protects against any foreign debris from entering the ear canal. Earwax is also made up of dead skin cells which shed from the skin in ears.

White earwax can sometimes occur, but it is not often a cause for concern. Dry earwax is the mostly the cause of white earwax. It usually falls out of the ears and flakes away. However, sometimes it can be a sign of infection or even eczema. It is important to consult a doctor or audiologist if you have white or grey earwax along with any pain or inflammation. White earwax is also very common in young children and there are usually no causes for concern or pose any health risks. Flaky and white earwax can indicate you lack a body odour producing chemical.

Our ears are naturally self-cleaning and require no interference when it comes to cleaning out your earwax. It mostly clears through jaw movement and showers, so its easy enough to just leave them along and not to start poking around. You should avoid cleaning your ears with earbuds and any other long objects as these can damage the ear canal and even cause the wax to be pushed further in towards the eardrums. If you have any concerns, it is important to contact a health professional who will help diagnose any issues with your ear health.

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