What is ear micro suction?

Ear microsuction is the best and safest way to examine and treat the ear when carried out by experienced clinicians.

Microsuction involves the use of a microscope and a small gentle suction machine.

It is best used for:

• Removal of wax and foreign bodies
• Treatment of acute or chronic infections of the ear canal
• De-waxing of children’s ears (cooperative children above 4 years of age)
• Regular cleaning of mastoid cavities

When is earwax a problem?

Earwax is a normal secretion of the ear and has protective qualities, but it can cause pain and/or hearing problems when it becomes impacted in the ear canal.

The regular use of cotton buds, earphones, earplugs or hearing aids can contribute to this problem. People with dry skin and narrow or distorted
ear canals can experience wax impaction.

Is microsuction different to ear syringing/irrigation?

Ear microsuction is performed by suction under the microscope and the clinician will look inside your ear at all times. As a result, the procedure is entirely safe and more thorough than ear syringing.

Ear syringing/irrigation is not advised in certain cases. In all of those cases however, ear microsuction is the recommended treatment.

  • Click here to see the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence list of when ear syringing/irrigation is contraindicated

Do I need to use eardrops before I come to my appointment?

It is not absolutely necessary to use eardrops before ear microsuction, but the application of sodium bicarbonate eardrops twice daily for three days before the procedure is likely to make the procedure more comfortable for you.

In some cases, such as perforated ear drums or previous mastoid surgery, you might have been advised to avoid using ear drops and so in those cases you do not need to use any drops prior to the appointment.

Does it hurt?

If ear microsuction is performed by an experienced clinician the procedure is unlikely to be painful.

If you suffer with infection of the outer ear canal then the condition itself could be uncomfortable and so microsuction of the infected ear canal can be painful. You can help reduce some of the discomfort by taking your preferred painkiller an hour prior to attending your appointment.

Is microsuction safe?

Ear microsuction is the safest and the most effective procedure for examination and treatment of the ear when performed by experienced and well-trained clinicians.

How long will it take?

In most cases it takes up to 15 minutes to perform microsuction on both ears.

It is very important to keep as still as you can during the procedure. The ear canal is very small and it is in very close proximity to the eardrum. Even small movements can take the microscope image out of focus and so prolong the appointment duration.

I’ve had ear surgery in the past, is microsuction suitable for me?

Yes. Ear microsuction is perfectly suited and highly recommended for patients who have had ear surgery in the past such as: mastoidectomy, repair of the ear drum, grommet insertion, stapedectomy and refashioning of the ear canal.

I have a perforated eardrum, can I have microsuction?

Yes. Ear microsuction is the safest method of cleaning ears with perforated ear drums. Patients who have perforated ear drums must not have their ears irrigated with water or syringed.

Can I fly after having ear microsuction ?

Yes, you can fly after having ear microsuction (unless advised not to fly due to other medical reasons).

Are you covered by AXA/BUPA/ other health insurers?

Unfortunately insurers generally do not cover ear microsuction. Payment is made directly to the clinician at the end of the consultation by cheque or cash or it could be made by PayPal via our website.

Do you have step free access?

Yes. Kestrel House has step free access.

What age children can have microsuction?

Young children often find ear microsuction more comfortable than ear irrigation or syringing.

We recommend that children should be:
• at least 4 years old
• able to lie still on the couch for 10 minutes or so

The procedure can be noisy when using the suction machine, but we can remove earwax using other instruments and so make the procedure more acceptable if required.

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